For the past few years now I've been playing an inexpensive Chinese knock-off of a Japanese euphonium. For the money it played well, but was a bit uncomfortable to hold and the workmanship and plating were less than stellar.

I'm now the proud owner of a 20+ year old Willson euphonium. It took a bit of work to clean it up, but overall this is in fantastic condition. It plays great! It's much more comfortable to hold. As soon as I correct a few bad playing habits this horn should sound great. So here it is:
Willson front view
Willson - closer front view
Willson - valve block
Willson - front lower
Willson - left side
Willson - back side
Willson - back valve block
Willson - lower back
Willson - back close up
Willson - serial
Willson - back again

And here's a few pictures of the horn before cleaning - these are from the ebay listing:
Willson - listing front view
Willson - front close up
Willson - listing back
Willson - bell close up
Willson - front top
Willson - tarnish

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